Columbia University GSAPP | Fall 2020 | MSAUD

Declaration Against Heat

Kai Guo, Jil Shah, Scarlet Tong, Huiya Zhong

In the age of global trends like urbanization and climate change, rising temperatures and the resulting Urban Heat Island effect is inequitably impacting socially vulnerable population residing in heat vulnerable urban areas. Urban Heat Island is the result of anthropogenic activities and irrational historical policies in place over the years, segregating communities. Socially disadvantaged communities and people of color are exposed to Heat-‘the silent killer’ disproportionately. Our manifesto questions the strategies existing today to mitigate the effects of UHI and proposes a network of cooling nodes and cooling corridors enabling better wind circulation through the streets and urban fabric of the city. The group advocates for a resilient public realm to address the issues of UHI effect and social injustice.