Service Design

The Just Harvest Community Cookbook

[05-123] Service Design | Spring 2019 |  Team What’s Cookin’ — Jamie Ho, Jing Hu, Xi Jin, Scarlet Tong, & Molly Vierhile
As a team, we are asked by a local non-profit organization Just Harvest to help them improve their SNAP application program by increasing number of applicants. Just Harvest is a non-profit organization that aims to reduce hunger through sustainable, long-term approach in Allegheny County. Addressing the issue of stigmatization towards SNAP and food stamps users, the team decided to “humanize“ SNAP benefits recipients and spread awareness regarding food insecurity through a community cookbook. By featuring a mix of community recipes and Just Harvest success stories, we hope that more people in the greater Pittsburgh community will apply for SNAP if they qualify, will better empathize with SNAP recipients, or will reach out to Just Harvest for volunteer opportunities or donations.


Service Blueprint

Step by step breakdown and organizational flow of creating the Cookbook.

Step 1: Advertising

Step 2: Gather

Step 3: Distribute