Spring 2020 | Prof. Dana Cupkova and Prof. Robert Heard

the Artichoke

Lithopic house

The project investigates the role of shape-factor and material de-volumnizing strategies to rethink the way architecture is conceived. The house is built upon concepts of material and urban ecologies, circular waste-streams (thru the use of jet-binder printing), and synthetic natures. The design begins to explores opportunities to create co-living housing that can be situated on extreme slope conditions found often in Hazelwood, Pittsburgh.

Borrowing the shape of an artichoke, the facade is imbued with moss that breathes life into the house. The foundation gathers into singular point and is couples with a retaining wall that works together as the water collection system for the house. The weight of the water would aid in preventing landslides that are common the in area. The work is developed through collaboration with Prof. Robert Heard at Carnegie Mellon University with his material science seminar.