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Scarlet Tong is a recent graduate from Columbia GSAPP’s M.S. Architecture and Urban Design program. She aims to develop an interdisciplinary approach to spatial design by integrating knowledge gained from her Bachelors of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University and allowing her minors in Human Computer Interaction and Media Design to influence her design thinking and work.

She plans to pursue PhD studies in exploring issues of aging within the field of urban design. Namely the design of pedestrian wayfinding suitable for the elderly in response to the upcoming global aging crisis.

Growing up in Macao, China - where both Chinese and Portuguese cultures are celebrated, has stemmed Scarlet’s interest in the negotiations (and tensions) between the new and old urban fabric of a city. She has experience in interacting with clients and end users, or collaborating with others outside the field. Feel free to check her resume here, and request her design portfolio if interested.


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